Linux Creativity Tools

As I get started in my ds106 course I am realizing that much of the guidance in the Handbook applies more to Macs and PCs than to Linux. As I use and/or acquire new tools I will list them here (maybe with notes) in the hopes that the list will be useful to others. I am currently using all of these tools in Lubuntu 16.04 LTS.


Webcam recording

Cheese 3.18.1

This is a simple program and it worked fine for my first assignment (ds106 Keychain assignment), but I suspect I will want better tools later.



I really like Openshot and have been using it for a year or two for my casual home projects, but it let me down a bit for my second assignment (Where’s the BOOM???). I needed to export a video clip as an image sequence and this has apparently been broken for at least 1-1/2 years. It is still a great program for simple editing but I will probably put some effort into learning a more sophisticated tool.


I haven’t used this much but it seems to be the FOSS gold standard. It handled the image sequence fine and had more output options than Openshot.



This is a command-line tool that downloads YuoTube videos in webm format. Installing this with apt did NOT work as the version from the repo is quite old and the tool is updated frequently to keep up with YouTube. The download instructions here worked fine and it has it’s own update mechanism.



I’ve been using this for various tasks for years and it worked fine for converting webm to mp4.




This is my favorite paint program and has been for years. I even have it installed on my PC at work. I have one of the small consumer-level Wacom tablets and it works very well with that. I’m looking forward to exploring its full capabilities



I haven’t actually used this yet as part of the class, but I have used it in the past and expect it will come in handy.




I have also been using this for years for simple editing. I will see how well it holds up.